Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 Things I am Currently Sick Of...

I don't get annoyed quite as easy as some do, but there are certainly plenty of things that I am sick of. I am not perfect (by any means) so I am not preaching here...simply my opinions.
Here are my top 10 (in no particular order)...

#1. How society has created this idea that "if it makes you feel good do it..." There are no boundaries or standards set anymore...especially for kids. Whether it is respect for elders, "experimenting" with your sexuality, popping pills like it's a Pez dispenser or settling for second best. There's always an excuse for something or a prescription to hand out because someone is a little unhappy with the way things are. It's LIFE! It's not supposed to be fun all the time. No one promised you rainbows.

#2. Obama...no explanation necessary.

#3. Foursquare on Facebook. I don't care where you are ALL the time. But if were a stalker, I would absolutely love to follow your every move. From your parent's house...to McDonald's....to work...to home...Is it all really necessary?

#4. Listening to people continue to use the excuse of the economy as to the reason they have been "feeding" off unemployment for 3, 4, 5 years. Really?!? Get off your lazy butt and get a freaking job at Burger King. I was unemployed for six months and, if you apply yourself, you can find a job.

#5. Beiber hair. I understand it's "trendy" but just cut your hair and stop flipping it to one side. Just because all the girls are screaming hysterically over Justin Beiber...doesn't mean they are going to scream over you because you have the same hair style.

#6. Hearing how horrible bullying is. Now, I don't think bullying is right, but I think that's part of growing up. I was bullied...everyone probably has been. And you learn to "be the bigger person." Yes, there were days in middle and high school I would go home and cry, but you either learn how the be the best at revenge or you just move on. I know there wasn't social media or smart phones when I was growing up, but there was still plenty of mean things to do to people. It helps you grow up, become a stronger person, and get ready for LIFE.

#7. Everyone trying to figure out the "best" way to loose weight. Why don't you just work out and eat better?? Seriously...you don't need this huge crash diet, these pills, those shakes...I understand everyone is different and some things don't work for everyone, but now that shows like"The Biggest Loser" have shown us that being committed to diet and exercise work...why not try it!?!

#8. Whiners. I can't handle the people that whine about everything. I mean, people who complain about it being too cloudy one day and too bright the next....Things are as bad as YOU make them...I bet if you looked at life as "the glass is half full" you will be alot happier.

#9. Cold weather!! I am so ready for Spring and Summer! Bring on the Bar-B-Q's, pool side weekends and sun dresses!

#10. Bad movies. It's been hard to find a good movie recently. They all seem to (a) either have the same story line or (b) are so cheesy I can't stand it! Hopefully, those Hollywood people stop being so predictable and...weird!!


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