Sunday, January 11, 2009


So...one of my "New Year's Resolutions" is to find a church and become more involved. Not just because that's how I was raised, but I really feel that there is something missing in my life. Fortunately, I have been given the foundation to know that when you feel something is missing...there is only one place to look. I am so thankful!
Today, I went to Grace Church with some co-workers that have had nothing but great things to say about the teachings. While I was in school I found a church and also started going to Brookwood with my parents once I moved back to Greenville. However, this is the first place I have found that felt like..."this is exactly where I'm supposed to be..." Please follow the link above and download any...or all...of their sermons. Grace is a non-demoniational place of worship that chooses verses from the Bible and relates them to your life...personally.
Today's sermon focused on the core values of the family...particualarly marriage. Although I am NOT married, I found it so inspiring. There were many things that he spoke about that gave me closure to the many questions I have had regarding "...what am I looking for in a man/relationship/future marriage..." One thing in particular he spoke about was the positioning of the man vs. the woman in a marriage/relationship.
God specifically told Adam not to eat the fruit from the tree...before Eve was even created...and he failed. Instead of just saying "Yes, Lord, I failed..." he blamed it on Eve. God ordained (very important...Adam did not earn his position as "man") as the leader among God's creations and therefore believed that he would follow thorugh with his command. This faliure to trust God led to snakes crawling on their bellies, women experiencing pain during child birth and loving their husbands but never being the head of the household. It also lead the the hard-work and sweat for the man to provide for his family. The main point of this (great) sermon was that the core problems faced in marriage/relationships is that (in most cases) there is a passive and independent person in the relationship...keep in mind all of this goes back to Adam & Eve...
The passive person is obviously behind the other...thinking everything is under control and there is nothing for them to do; therefore, he/she takes a step back "he/she doesn't need me...they're doing fine by themselves..." The independent person is taking control of the situation and (at the time does not think he/she needs any help doing so)...he/she takes a step forward "I really don't need his/her help...I'm doing fine alone." Before either person knows how alone they actually are...it's too late. "He/she doesn't need me at all..." OR "He/she never helps, he/she is always making me do everything...alone"
Adam stood there...knowing what was right and wrong...and did not step-up (as a man should or as God asked him to) and allowed Eve to become independent. Her independence from Adam is not what God intended this relationship to be...and therefore led to sin.
I have heard the "Adam & Eve" story so many times growing up...but I absolutely love it when new perspectives are presented and I am able to apply it to my life! I hope it does the same for you! I am no preacher...so PLEASE listen to these sermons. They are so very inspiring!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sometimes it takes a little incentive to write on my blog during the week now. So...thanks to Mama Kat's prompt (even though it's a little late) I have a reason to blog! YES!

My first "bloggy friend" would definately have to be Heather. We are at the same point in our lives and seem to have the same attitude towards it all..."are we really supposed to be responsible now...??" Although my cool and super hip cousin Summer definately inspired me to start blogging...Heather I think is my first friend that I met on here...outside of family!

The title of her blog ...and now I'm a grown up: The random thoughts and musings of an amateur adult...captures it ALL! I don't think I could say it any better! After graduation and now (as I like to call it) the beginning of the end...everything seems to be sooo incredibly different. Change is good...don't get me wrong...but everything happens so quickly. Heather and I seem to be experiencing the same "where in world am I right now...???" stage of life! The one thing I have found out about her by reading her blog, is that (like me) she finds the humor in everything! That is what keeps me going some days!! I love reading her stories about her pets and those escapdes (as I can soooo relate), drama (that is quickly overcome by the "be the bigger person" quality), family experiences (holiday traditions, mothers....boyfriends...). Even though we have never formally met, its very nice to know that someone is following my blog as closely as I am following hers!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

On the Pot...

Monday is going to be the day that reminds me that the holiday season is in fact completely over...so, so sad! No more parties, left-overs, or (legitimate) reasons to drink during the week. I suppose life goes on...ha! Despite the busy schedule around here lately, here is a hilarious story that I know you guys will enjoy!
Well, you all know that I moved into my new place right around Thanksgiving and that I absolutely love it! About a month after moving in, I noticed a homeless guy walking down my street. Now, I know what you're thinking..."Bree, you live downtown...right next to the park...there are going to be homeless people!" I am completley aware of this! But, what actually caught my attention about my homeless man is the place he likes to call "home." Directly across the street from my front door, someone is buliding this house (very slowly....i might add) and their lovely port-o-potty is facing my direction. Literally, if you sit on my couch and look out my front window, there is a beautiful port-o-john! Well, my homeless man caught my attention by constantly picking up the toilet paper out of the "john" and sweeping the sidewalk with his shovel..yes, his shovel...the next couple of days, we noticed that he would be sitting on the pot and just start kicking the door. Or (my favorite) he will sit inside and constantly switch the lock from "occupied" to "open"....Needless to say, I called the police and asked for more patrol around the area and the officer asked me, "is the man a large black man with dreadlocks?" I confirmed. "Oh, that's Anthony! Now, you haven't spoken to him have you?!?" I thought (in my smarty-pants) mind what I would have had to speak to 'Anthony' about...our preference of 2-ply vs. 1-ply or how much easier it would be to use a broom vs. a shovel...I held back and just answered "no." The officer told me that Anthony is mentally handicapped and if I speak to him, he will "flip-out" as he has no social skills! Good...my kind of neighbor!! So, now that I am being a little bit more aware, I have seen Anthony digging through trash cans at the gas station on Washington and Laurens Road...he bowed to me that day!! I feel that we are bonding with him...free entertainment during commercials!!


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