Saturday, January 3, 2009

On the Pot...

Monday is going to be the day that reminds me that the holiday season is in fact completely over...so, so sad! No more parties, left-overs, or (legitimate) reasons to drink during the week. I suppose life goes on...ha! Despite the busy schedule around here lately, here is a hilarious story that I know you guys will enjoy!
Well, you all know that I moved into my new place right around Thanksgiving and that I absolutely love it! About a month after moving in, I noticed a homeless guy walking down my street. Now, I know what you're thinking..."Bree, you live downtown...right next to the park...there are going to be homeless people!" I am completley aware of this! But, what actually caught my attention about my homeless man is the place he likes to call "home." Directly across the street from my front door, someone is buliding this house (very slowly....i might add) and their lovely port-o-potty is facing my direction. Literally, if you sit on my couch and look out my front window, there is a beautiful port-o-john! Well, my homeless man caught my attention by constantly picking up the toilet paper out of the "john" and sweeping the sidewalk with his shovel..yes, his shovel...the next couple of days, we noticed that he would be sitting on the pot and just start kicking the door. Or (my favorite) he will sit inside and constantly switch the lock from "occupied" to "open"....Needless to say, I called the police and asked for more patrol around the area and the officer asked me, "is the man a large black man with dreadlocks?" I confirmed. "Oh, that's Anthony! Now, you haven't spoken to him have you?!?" I thought (in my smarty-pants) mind what I would have had to speak to 'Anthony' about...our preference of 2-ply vs. 1-ply or how much easier it would be to use a broom vs. a shovel...I held back and just answered "no." The officer told me that Anthony is mentally handicapped and if I speak to him, he will "flip-out" as he has no social skills! Good...my kind of neighbor!! So, now that I am being a little bit more aware, I have seen Anthony digging through trash cans at the gas station on Washington and Laurens Road...he bowed to me that day!! I feel that we are bonding with him...free entertainment during commercials!!

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Summer said...

Oh my word!!! ;-) That is too funny!


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