Friday, April 29, 2011

It's not THAT hard...

It goes without saying that my name is brutally mispronounced on a daily basis. I mean, I've been called everything from Fran, Brian, Bren and Bran (yes, like the Flake). Someone actually said (after I corrected them) "Oh, good...I was wondering what kind of parents would name their kid Bran..." Really?? It especially used to surprise me when my teachers/professors could pronounce names like Tahaiesa or Mikhail...but I get it. It's just different...and I'm totally ok with it! I just thought I would take this opportunity to share the meaning(s) behind my names and why they are what they are. Here ya go...no more excuses!!

Breean (Celitc. Meaning: Strong One): The correct pronunciation (that my parents and family use) is Bree-un. Because I wasn't born in the South and my mom is not Southern, there is no accent on my name. It wasn't until we moved to South Carolina that my name turned to Bree-Anne. If you have met my family you will notice that they all call me Bree-un. I will answer to both but not to Breeana or Breen...just an FYI. My name is actually misspelled, too. The "correct" spelling is Brianne but my parents forgot how to spell it when I was born and just made something up. Don't hold it against them...a woman in labor for 24 hours can spell their child's name however they want!! According to some English professors of mine, it's grammatically incorrect, too. The "English language" says that you aren't allowed to have three vowels together. Stupid...who really cares...I was named after the actress Brianne Leary. Apparently she had some rolls in "Chips" and a few other TV shows, but I don't know anything else about her. I have met a few other people with the same name as me (spelled differently of course) but, nonetheless, we are all super cool people. I have also noticed that there are very few people who spell my name correctly. They can pronounce it right, but spelling is a whole other ball game. I've seen Breeann, BreAnne, Brean...not that it matters, the "you spelled that wrong" line comes up under all of them on the computer! Despite the fact that I can never find my name on souvenirs or trinkets such as key chains, coffee mugs or note pads...I really like having a different name. It's turned out to be a great conversation-starter!

Caroline (Latin. Meaning: Beautiful Woman): My middle name. Probably one of the most common names in North AND South Carolina but I love the meaning behind my middle name. My dad is originally from SC while my mom is from "The Great" Pacific Northwest. They had all three of us in California where we were raised for a few years. When I was born, my dad never thought he would live in South Carolina again and gave me the name "Caroline" so that he always had a piece of home close to him. Atleast, that's the story I've been told. I don't care if it's not true...I love it! I wasn't named Caroline because I was born here or because it's the most common "southern belle" name in the South, but because my dad wanted me to have more than just his last name...he wanted me to continue his southern tradition.

Tate (English. Meaning: He Who Brings Happiness): First of all, let me clarify...I am not related to Sharon Tate. I get asked that on the regular. Like I was affected by the Marilyn Manson spree or something...not so much. Anyways, I have to spell out "Tate" probably as much as I have to spell out and correct "Breean." I have had numerous people spell it "Tait"or "Tayte." The worst...? Yes, I have had people pronounce it "Taint." A girl at the tanning bed wrote "Taint" down on the sign in sheet...I looked at her and said "...Really...?? Come on!!" Another interesting rendition to my last name is when I worked at the hotel. The Spanish-speaking housekeepers kept pronouncing it Ta-Te'... somehow I can understand that alot more than "Taint." Geeeezzzz.....!! Come on people!!

So now, I would like to thank all who have tried (and few who have succeeded) at pronouncing and spelling my name(s) correctly. I greatly appreciate it!

Keep it going!! What does your name mean? Funny stories? Come on...SHARE!

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