Sunday, September 14, 2008

How Time Flies

After reading over my first few blogs...I can't believe how many things have changed and how quickly time flies. The summer is coming to an end and gratefully being followed by my favorite season...fall!! Autumn in the South is absolutely beautiful...the trees change, the smell in the air is refreshing and it reminds me of time well-spent with my friends and family...after every summer its amazing how quickly your priorities change. I tend to focus more on the important things in life and steer clear of the "oh-so-trendy" social life.

This summer was very strange to say the least. Nate and I took a few steps back from the relationship and went through some difficult times in the midst of that. There were a few times we almost walked away from everything, but found it more sincere to stay together and work through it. I spent alot of times with my girlfriends and found out that I can't go out and drink like I used to and be able to accomplish anything at work the next day!! On, what a few years will do...!! ha! We had some fun time...exploring Greenville, our early 20s, and how good of friends we have been over the years. And yet, after everything I am glad to see the summer end..

Nate and I have been spending more time with our families too. We have been going to church with my parents at Brookwood in Greenville. Its a huge church that is very casual but has had some great sermons. We both believe that our faith is the most important thing in our lives and when we have children they will be raised in a Christian (church-going) home. We have gone over to his parents house a few times to eat dinner and hang out with his sister, Natalie, and brother-in-law, Drew. They are expecting their first child around April and we are all so excited for them!!!

Another way Nate and I have been spending time together is just "window-shopping." If you have never done that with your 'significant other' you should...it brings up some great conversations of 'what ifs..' and 'what would you do...??' You can really find out alot about someone (even if you think you already know them...) by looking at things you could use in your future...very interesting.

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