Sunday, September 28, 2008

"That Point"

So, I think I've hit that point in my life where it's not all play anymore. Working 9-10 hour shifts six to seven days a week and not making the "big bucks" I thought I would..can be a major dose of reality! Looking at old pictures from college posted around my apartment or online are harsh reminders of how life used to be...before I took on actual responsibilites. Those were the das..filled with classes in the morning, part-time (not-so-serious) jobs in the afternoon, and nights filled with dancing, drinking and late night Waffle House dining! However fun those days were..I remember thinking how anxious I was to get out of school and be able to support myself with a full-time job. What was I thinking!! Now, I "cherish" the taste of the 'first beer' on a social drinking night after a 10 hour work day! And if, for some (lucky) reason, I have enough money in my account to get a little 'tipsy,' I will be recovering from that night for the next few days!! Don't get me wrong...I think I would be more miserable if I were to still be consumed with the party life in my mid-to later-twenties and still living with my parents...but what (in the grown-up lifestyle the few years after graduation) replaces those days?? Is it the slighly larger paychecks that are already spent before they are deposited in my account or is the occassional surprise of coming home to having no power?? I have learned to find humor in the small things...ha! However stressful and shocking this stage of life is for me..I am working on improving everything. I have paid my last credit card off as of August and now I am working on my student loans. Building my credit is my main concern despite the harsh reminder it leaves me with of my irresponsibility over the past few years...it has taught me that "the sweet will never be as sweet without the bitter..."

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