Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cheap. Easy. Fast.

My mom and I have some funny conversations sometimes, but recently we had a good laugh at one in particular. I think it was so funny because my dad was in the car and he didn't find our humor to be quite as amusing. For some reason that makes everything 'funnier.'

I told my sister I would come watch her play at USC a few weeks ago and the only way I could get there was to hitch a ride with the 'parentals.' Don't get me wrong though...I get along great with them as long as I can listen to what I want to on the radio and we don't talk about anything serious. So...I burnt a CD and made a few jokes to lighten the mood. Jokes that lead the conversations away from my current employment status, me and Payton, and my social life...

We started getting hungry and ended up at McDonald's. Yummmy....Anyways, if you know my mom, you know her humor and how she tells jokes. It sometimes reminds me of Merlin (the clown fish) from Finding Nemo..."So there's this mollusk and sea cucumber. The mollusk walks up to the sea cucumber...well he doesn't walk because mollusks don't walk, but in a joke everyone walks and talks...so...let me start over..." Ha! I love her!

While I was enjoying my processed meat and stale french fries my mom turns around and announces...You are what you eat, Breean. Cheap, Fast and Easy! hahah! Have you heard that one before?!?

I laughed at her and saw the expression on my dad's face that looked as if he was going to explode. He doesn't like to hear about anything along those lines when it comes to us girls! So...after becoming familiar with my surroundings...I replied back with...I am certainly not cheap!!

My parents darted their eyes at me followed by a roll of laughter from my mom. My dad glared at me for keeping the joke going but that made my laughter even more uncontrollable! We all know that I'm not easy...or fast...but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I'm not cheap! I may be poor right now but there is a big difference between being poor versus being cheap.

I will spend my last $20 on those cute BCBG shoes at Ross and then scrounge up another $30 (from the money I shouldn't be spending) to buy the cute outfit that would be lonesome without me and my shoes. I'm telling you...when I become rich and don't have to do anything during the day except shop, I will be Carrie Bradshaw.

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Hello-Holly said...

that is so stinkin funny, STILL!!!!


Gigi said...

Stopping by from Mama Kats - too funny! Dad's can be so sensitive.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

ROFL !! I like this a lot.

Amy said...

LOL. Funny.


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