Thursday, September 3, 2009

Notes to My Younger Self

1. Don't color your hair...I mean it can get expensive!! And very addictive. Only do it when you know you can afford it to prevent getting those redneck roots...very important.

2. Don't pick up a cigarette. You might have an addictive personality and that will be the most difficult thing to quit doing when you are older...and you will regret it forever!

3. Enjoy high school! This is the time in your life when you can go to school with people you've grown up with, you don't have any bills, and you have the whole world ahead of you. There is no time to worry about 'fashion trends' or how much fatter you are than someone else. You will look back at all the pictures you've taken and think to yourself "I was crazy to think that I was fat!!" You will probably never see the majority of these people again so don't waste your time worrying about what they think of you or how popular you are. I won't matter in 4 years!!!!

4. Listen to your parents! There will be times when you think "I am 16 and I know what I'm doing..." but you don't! Don't date the guys your parents hate and don't keep arguing with them. They are your parents...not your BFF's right now. You will come to that stage in your life when your parents are your friends, you DO want to talk to them everyday, and you will seek their advice before you make any decision...seriously...it will happen!

5. Don't give your heart away so easily. You won't find the right person for you until you find out who you are first...and believe me, you won't find this out for a while. It's good to know how it feels when someone likes you and even to know what a broken heart feels like, but make them work for you...you are valuable and worth alot more than you think. God is preparing someone in the world for you and you should save yourself in every way so you can give yourself to him...it will be priceless.

6. Nothing else will hurt like your first heart break. Loving someone comes with consequences sometimes. Just remember you will never hurt like you did the first time your heart was broken. There will be sad times but not like that...you will learn from that moment.

7. Don't get a credit card. You will be paying on that thing until you're in your 20s and frankly you won't be able to afford it...sorry.

8. Don't worry about having tons of girlfriends...most of them will be back stabbers or worthless individuals. There will only be a handful of friends that you will keep in touch with and those are the valuable ones.

9. Take college seriously. Party on the weekends and during the summer. Don't just get a 4-year degree...get an education!

10. Find something you're good at and do it!! If you wait until you're older you will find that a lot of things you could've been talented at are missed opportunities. Don't be embarrassed or think you can do it later in life. Time will fly by and then it's too late...do it now!!

11. Don't bust your butt for minimum wage! Ask for a raise!!! ;) You will be an extremely hard worker that will be very valuable to someone and their business. Just be patient. The right thing will come along.

12. Don't sell your clothes!!! Those things will be back in fashion and you will end up spending money you don't have!!! OMG!!! DON'T SELL THEM!!!!

13. Save your tapes and CDs. You will find them when you are older and they will bring back so many memories. Even the saddest of memories they bring back will make you laugh...'how could I be so sad/upset/angry/worried....??'


Carla Wine said...

nice post! it's also good to see that you're a nicholas sparks fan like me.

Summer said...

I can't even tell you how many clothes I've sold that I want back!!! No more!!!

Now did you quit smoking?!?

Heather said...

FABULOUS post girlie! And some excellent advice to your younger self! I wish I could go back and give ME some advice way back when... good grief! I needed all the help I could get!

Margaret said...

I'm going to make my 17 year old daughter read this. It's been so ling since I was a teen, that there are some words of wisdom that I wish I'd remembered to tell her. Thanks fo summing them all up.

Ashley said...

Awwww so true....if onle we had known then what we do now huh....:)

Ashley said...

Awwww so true....if only we had know the what we know know huh....:)


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