Monday, June 9, 2008

My Pets

I have four pets. My first pet was my cat Josie. She is a black Calico that I got from the pound when she was dropped off by her owner who could not take care her and her two other siblings. She was the runt and although she was a little rough looking I loved her! I was always intrigued by Calico cats because they are a genetic mutation which causes them to have so many different colors. Calico's are 99% of the time female also...if you have a male Calico they are worth alot of money!! She is a great cat...a total diva!! haha!

My second pet was a dog my ex-boyfriend and I bought together. She was actually a birthday present I bought for him in which is now living with my parents. Her name is Shelby and she is a Boxer/Greyhound mix. We bought her at PetsMart where they found her beside a dumpster and thankfully she was only in the pound for one day!! She is the sweetest dog and loves to play outside with parent's dogs.

My third pet was Jake. He is my gray Tabby cat which I bought from a couple in the newspaper for $1.00. I was at work one day and decided that I wanted another cat for Josie to play with, so I left work with a newspaper and picked him out of a litter and went home. He is a sweet cat but ALWAYS on edge!!! He and Josie have become best friends and they are so cute together...I come home from work and they are laying in the sun on my bed together with their arms around eachother!! haha!! Its so cute!!

My fourth (and last pet) is a puppy that my boyfriend, Nate, and I just bought around Christmas time. We were walking through PetsMart and just happened to see him and his brother in a little cage. We immediately fell in love with him as he was so cute and little. The people who were adopting him out had received a call from the pound a few weeks prior to us getting him when they were told that there was a pregnant dog there that was being taken back to be put down. The couple immediately went to the pound and adopted her and on their way home, she had six puppies in the back of their truck. Isn't that amazing??!!! After we adopted him, we decided to name him Bruiser. He weighed 4lbs when we adopted him and now he weighs about 15lbs. He terrorizes the cats but loves to be around us!!! Bruiser is definatley a mutt but we think he is a Boxer/Terrier mix. He won't get much bigger than he is now (which is GREAT) but he is all puppy!!!

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