Friday, December 19, 2008

My Late Wish List

Seeing that I haven't written a "Dear Santa" letter since my 3rd grade teacher assigned it as homework, I took on the task from Mama Kat's previous writer's workshop and decided to get blogging!

Dear Santa,

Please bring me peace. Not world peace...not a peace movement...not a T-shirt with the peace symbol on the front...not the Peace Corps...not even a Nobel Peace Prize. Bring ME peace.

Fill my stocking with inner peace. Lately it seems there's always something that is beyond stressful and at times overwhelming. Learning to 'accept what is' and understand that I cannot change everything that 'needs' help will become so valuable to me. I've found that I tend to focus and linger on too many things that will just not change...no matter how I try to help. I know that when I receive this gift it will be so fullfilling that nothing else could compare! But why stop at my stocking, right...? When you're finished filling my stocking so full that it can't even hang from the mantle anymore, please put my peace & quiet under the tree.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven...a time to be silent and a time to speak..." -Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7b
This year has been a very 'loud' year for me. The chirpping Blackberry that constantly reminds me that I am ALWAYS at work...followed by the radio in the car and the phones ringing off the hook in the office. Answering the phones only leads to needy brides (and their mothers!!), customer complaints, and "what can you do for us..." conversations. (I'm not even back home yet!!) Walk in the front door at home only to be greated by the barking dog and the 'meow-ing' hungry cats. Text messages...text messages...text messages. Bar music and football games on big screens... and the daily family drama. Until now, not much has ever given me an epiphany about things I thought were so miniscule until I read a devotion about the power of silence (peace & quiet). Take a look at your typical day and try to remember a time when you were surrounded by silence without feeling awkward. Opening the gift of peace & quiet on Christmas morning will make me so grateful as I feel the devil has made it his business to fill our lives with noise, hurry and crowds...all because he is very aware of the power of silence. My human need for peace & quiet is to completely do away with stress and worry. The stress that if I don't meet some expectation at work, I will be fired. The stress that I may be so incredibly broke next week that eating a candy bar at work will "...just have to do...again." The stress that my family is going to completely fall apart in front of my eyes and that there is nothing I can do to save it. The stress that my heart has been broken so badly..and so many times..that I now, not only have a brick wall surrounding me, but a barbed-wire fence and assasigns on gaurd to "shoot-down" anyone who makes an honest attempt towards me. Believe me, Santa, peace & quiet will not be shoved in the back of my closet!
And, finally Santa, could you wrap my peace & quiet with peace of mind? Uncertainty is a human emotion that I believe is necessary to keep us motivated and work towards our goals. The worry about losing a job...danger confronting our family and friends...surviving paycheck-to-paycheck...oh, the list could go on! However, if I were lucky enough to recive the gifts on my wish list, any situation that would present itself to me would become much easier to overcome. I would be able to live a fulfilling life surrounded by stress, turmoil and anger...however I would have such a sense of peace and purpose that it would not be able to affect me anymore...do you know why? Because the only way for me to acheive this level of peace is through the Prince of Peace...
I know this wish list is kind of short-notice...but I think He will be able to help you out! Please see what you can "pull together" for me...and feel free to pass along any left-overs to everyone else!

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Heather said...

Great wish list. I hope you get all of the peace you need. :)


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