Wednesday, December 10, 2008

November's Over...

Now that I have November "under my belt," I have found a little free time to get back to my poor blog! As you all know, I moved out of my apartment and into a (super cute) duplex downtown Greenville! My brother and I finally got everything moved in and although we are still getting situated, it is definately the answer to a much needed change! There were the few problems when we first moved in..the HUGE deposit required for our gas heat to be turned on and learning to enjoy hardwood floors.

The first week we moved in, our heat was on and working beautifully considering it was getting down into the 'teens' at night. Everything was great until we came home one day and the house was 65 degrees!! Oh my gosh...have I ever mentioned that I hate cold weather and that it makes me mean?!? If not...now you know why I like the southern humidity and sunshine!! Well, I found out that I had to pay a deposit to turn the heat back on. After I paid the deposit, they told me it would be a week-and-a-half before they could get someone out here to reconnect the gas. Initally I was okay with the calendar appointment they so kindly set up for me...I already had one big space heater and was planning on getting two smaller ones for our bedrooms. So...I made my way to K-mart (yes...there are still K-mart's...who knew??) and bought two small space heaters. When I got home, I soon found out that older homes and numberous plug-in appliances don't "mesh" well. Everytime we plugged in all three heaters the breakers would flip! Two heaters and a hair dryer...??? How about two heaters, a lamp and the TV...??? None of these combinations work either!! We've learned to cope with the fact that we can't have EVERYTHING in our house plugged in at the same time! Who knew?!? Well, needless to say we have heat..thankfully!!

My previous apatments and townhouses have all had carpet and/or tile floors, but I've never had hardwood floors. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about all of the pet hair having somewhere to hide and even more...I don't have to worry about cleaning the carpet after my pets use it as their personal bathroom! It's super easy clean-up (for the most part) and I love that my house doesn't constantly smell like pets! But...it has gotten more difficult to SEE the pet urine on the floor...if you know what I mean. My cats use the litter box (for the most part) but its my dog that I'm having a problem with. When I lived at the apartment, we were on the third floor and didn't train him to go outside. He learned to use puppy pads and in the beginning it was convenient...until he turned a year and started "marking his territory..." I have found (the hard way) that it's easier to train a dog rather than break a bad habit. I have absolutely no idea how to teach him to go to the bathroom outside! He will actually hold it until he comes in the house! Maybe I can be on "The Dog Whisperer...." Bruiser needs to learn who the pack leader is! ha!

So...you may ask...what do you like about it?? Well...the park is less than a block away. If you listen, you can hear the monkeys from the zoo. Bruiser can play outside. No More Stairs! Trash pick-up! Nice neighbors. Attic space. Ceiling fans!! Cheaper rent! I think it balances itself out!

Tune in soon...there's alot of November stuff I have to write about!! Thanks for being patient and for keeping my blog company!! xoxo


Summer said...

yay! You're back!

How funny about the plug in thing!!!

Love you!

Heather said...

Oooooh good. You're still alive!! Glad to hear you're all settled in your new place, even if there were a few snags along the way.


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