Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dedicated to the Ten of You...

This is for Mama Kat's Workshop and is sincerely dedicated to ten people who I would like to say a few things to. I hope you enjoy!

My Love :) I can't thank you enough for how much you love me. We have already been through a lot. Starting at how badly you wanted to be with me during such a difficult time to where we are now. You have been happy when I'm sad, been patient when I'm irritable, and been confident when I see no reason. We have begun a new chapter in our life and I'm so happy to see where we go from here...together. I love you.

My B.F.F. We have had some awkward times since the 3rd grade, but the longer we know each other...the more I'm thankful for you. We are on different paths in our lives but I think our friendship is such a great balance...for the both of us! I have had so much fun with you and I admire you for all the hardships you've faced recently. I am always here for you!

My Parents. I am so thankful for the things you have given me and the things you have not. I am thankful that I've learned how to support myself and not rely on anyone completely. I can honestly say that I am self-sufficient person. I admire how many long hours you've both worked to make sure we were all provided for. The only thing I can think of that I wish was different is that the desire and drive you have for #3 to succeed was equally dispersed among #1 and #2.

NO NAME. You have been written off as a person to me a long time ago; so therefore I have no connection to you...except for the fact that by knowing you, you made me a much more unhappy person. I regret ever being introduced to you and find it humorous that you have (once again) surrounded yourself with the puppets you enjoy controlling. You have done me a favor. I have a clean conscious and sleep so much better at night not having to deal with you anymore. Enjoy your unhappy, lonely, and misguided life.

My A.D.D. Neighbor: Clean your yard!! Geez...finish one project before you start on another. Paint the rest of your house and please stop making your own tools out of junk yard creations. Ugh, such an eye sore!!

Creepy Old Men: Please see below...

VW Salesman: Thank you...thank you....thank you for not approving me to get my Jetta. I was heartbroken, but God works in mysterious ways!! Thank you!!!

My Grandpa Lindley: I regret that I missed the opportunity to know you better. From the stories about you and the few times I did get to meet you, I can only hope to find a man as hardworking and loving as you were. You were such a Christian man and I am thankful that you were my grandfather. I love you.

My Grandma Bishop: I admire what a strong and independent woman you were...throughout your life. Living to be 99 is so amazing to me...all of the things you saw and all of the changes you experienced are incredible. You had a quiet personality but your actions spoke so loudly to me and my family. You were truely an inspiration to our entire family and I am so proud that you were our Grandma.

My Brother & Sister: I love you both tremendously and wish the best for you in the future. I know that God placed me as your older sister to be an example and I hope that I have helped you make the right decisions sometimes...you both have such independence and I admire you for that. I love you both!


Heather said...

How sweet! You definitely took the nice route with this one, where I just came of bitchy. Haha... now I feel bad for letting everyone have it in my post! Maybe I should do a nice one to make up for it?

Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful people in your life.

Southern Dialogue said...

Alot of the people have already heard their "number" from me...and the NO NAME has a 2 page email waiting on her...haha! I loved yours!!! Maybe I'll do this periodically!!! LOL

Mrs. Montoya said...

FUNNY comment from Heather because I was thinking the same thing after I read your post. I feel like a cynical crab now. But I am NOT writing a nice one to make up for it : ) It's not like I REALLY said those things! I love your sweet comments about your family. I know they'll cherish them

Katie said...

The things you had to say about [most of the people] were so sweet. The ones that weren't so sweet REALLY made me laugh! Thanks for that! :D

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your list is SO sweet : )! I just love nice people.

And this reminded me that I MUST weed the front garden!

Hello-Holly said...

I am sorry you feel that my desire for success for all 3 of my children are not equal. They are just maybe in different areas of life. But that is ok, because one day when you have children you will understand. I love you Breean, Mom !!!


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