Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's up with the creepy old guy...?

My girlfriend that I've known since we rode the bus together in the 3rd grade invited me out to get some drinks the other night. I thought it was harmless and quickly jumped in the shower expecting a short (but fun) girl's night...seeing that it was Monday and she had to work in the morning. Anyways, when we walked in the bar around 6:00 there he was...the most cliche, textbook, definition of a creepy old guy I had seen in a long time. And yes, unfortunately, he was there to visit with us. He was a client at my friend (lets call her) Marie's bank and thought it would be nice to spend some time 'catching up' I guess. Well, little did he know that we came with no money and were just visiting the bartender who went to high school with us.

Creepy--"What ya want to drink ladies?"
Marie and I shot a quick 'gold-digging' glance at each other then placed our orders. She asked our bartending friend to make her something and I stuck with an Ultra...I wasn't in the mood to 'party like a rockstar' on a Monday evening with someone I thought should be at home enjoying the 6 o'clock news with his family.

Creepy--"So, who's your friend Marie?"
She went through the whole story about how long we've known each other and that we came to enjoy some time together. A friend of Marie's also joined us at the bar about an hour later which seemed to set the whole night off...for me anyways.
The number one annoying thing to ask over...and over...and over again is "So what was your name again??" Really...is that your game?? He continuously added different letters to my name and would smirk at me like he was Rico Suave...ugh! Then he felt the need to remind me of how great Marie is or how beautiful she is followed by a hug and a peck on her forehead.

I almost lost it...but held my mouth until I thought the time was right. She's an adult.

When the other girl (lets call her) Lori walked in, Creepy became Creepier. He sat beside her and I chatted with my high school friend behind the bar trying to avoid the obvious gestures Creepy was making to my friends. I felt my blood pressure rising when he would ask Lori or Marie what my problem was or why I wasn't smiling and having a good time. I thought it was pretty obvious and self-explanatory; therefore I continued to keep my mouth shut.

I began to lose my cool when he took his sandal off and propped it on Lori's chair, ran his fingers through her hair, stuck his face in the back of her neck and repeated to us how good she smelled. I gave him the look a woman gives a man when he has tried to dance at the coolest club in town and has failed...miserably. You know that look?

Well, I walked outside with the girls and found out that I wasn't over exaggerating anything but I was the only one who didn't work with him...my restraints were gone!! I walked back in to find him standing beside my chair. When I found some room to squeeze through, I regained my seat which was quickly followed by him leaning over me towards the bar...

Me---"Excuse me....? Why are you over here?"
Creepy---"Whoa! What's your problem?"
Me--"I hate trying to enjoy a couple drinks with girlfriends and constantly interrupted by creepy old men...ugh!" (I didn't realize how loud I was, but the majority of the bar smirked...ooopps!)
Creepy---"Creepy?!? Me?!?"
Me--"I didn't stutter...you heard me. Now please get away." (I really said that...I didn't stutter! ha!!)
Creepy--"Hunny, I have children! A son & 5yr old daughter. I am not creepy!"
Me--"Well, then I'm sure you would agree that our fathers don't like old men like you hanging all over us...just like you wouldn't appreciate someone doing that to your daughter."

He called me a couple names in the book, denied that he said them and tried to hug me on the way out. We closed our bill, took the cash on the counter and tipped our friend well.

And that's how it's done...

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Heather said...

Good for you!! Uhg, guys like that can RUIN a fun night out! There were LOTS of those in my college town. It's like they hung around, preying on girls, trying to feel young again. Weirdos. I'm glad you set him straight!!


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