Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ice Cream Truck

During one's childhood and years of innocence, I think there are many incidents that are forever embedded into our lives. Those stories that are humorous and yet very telling as we grow older...this is mine.

A few years ago, we were at the beach with my family enjoying the typical "beach stuff." You know...turkey sandwiches, cousins, occasional showers, new bathing suits...and ice cream. Not just ice cream at the local store, but the exciting ice cream truck. The distant, and oh so recognizable tune played in the distance when I turned to my mom and expressed how much I remember ice cream trucks when I was little. I loved them! I loved them more (for some reason) during our annual beach trips...and although I was in my teens that year...I was going to get an ice cream!

She laughed at my statement and asked me if I remembered what she used to tell us about the ice cream trucks when we were little. By "we" I mean my me, my brother and sister...all three years apart and all equally excited about 'beach' ice cream. I told her that I didn't remember anything specific, but she continued to tell me the story.

The ice cream truck would drive by our beach house on numerous occasions during our vacation and, having three kids that wanted ice cream each time the truck passed, she had to figure out some way to stop the 'spending sprees.' Instead of just saying "no" or telling us "maybe next time..." she told us that the ice cream man was out of ice cream when he played his music.

Yes...you read that correctly..."The ice cream man has no ice cream when he plays his music."

Can you believe that? Not only were we tricked (for years) into believing that someone would play such loud music without having a product to sell...but we were the kids chasing a silent ice cream truck! I remember at times thinking how foolish my cousins were when they begged my aunt for money every time that truck drove by playing music...

...if only they knew...he had no ice cream for sale!! Brilliant...ha!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

really?! what? p.s. just found you on twentysomethings!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh!! That's horrible!!! (but still kinda funny) :)

Hello-Holly said...

ok, everybody, this is Breean's mom, when I said it the first time (about the ice cream truck not having ice cream when the music was playing), it was more like just a thought that fell out of my mouth (something that happens often). But then when I saw that my 3 wonderful, smart, totally awesome looking children just sat there and stopped begging for that money.....what was I suppose to do? Now did YOU tell your children about the tooth fairy? REALLY?????? It makes for good memories for all. :)


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