Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Wish Someone Had Told Me...

...how important credit is in every aspect of your life. Throughout college I destroyed mine and now I am suffering the consequences...apartment searching, buying cars, getting credit cards, requesting loans, etc. etc. I wish that I would have taken it seriously when I had the chance. Now, I'm starting from scratch...well, from crap to be honest...and it's going to take me years to rebuild it.

...how addictive ciggaretts are. I know you hear the horror stories and smokers tell you to 'never start,' but those of you who are non-smokers, have NO IDEA! The one day I would go back to in my life and change would be the day I smoked my first ciggarette, there is no doubt that I would change that day.

... how many times I would have to re-color my hair after the first time. I lost count a few years ago as to how many times I have been to the salon and changed my hair color to suit my mood. Then you have to go back to fill in your roots or get the 'latest trend..' oh my! A vicious circle!

...to save my money instead of spending it on unnessecary things. If I think back to where my money has gone over the years, it seems that I don't have much to show for it. I have cute clothes, gas in my car, a few groceries, my pets, and a slightly decorated apartment. The catch?? I don't have any money saved for my wedding (whenever that will be...), to put down on a house, to buy a new car with or even new furniture.

...how to enjoy seafood. It has taken me this long in my life to start enjoying seafood. There are very few types of seafood that I like but I'm working on it.

...that relationships don't define me as a person. Although I will argue the fact that I always have a boyfriend, I do recognize that there are things missing in my life that have been defined solely from my likes and/or dislikes. Over the years, I have found interest in everyone else's hobbies and interests but not mine...

...to travel. This could go back to the 'not saving' aspect of my life. I found a blog the other day that listed 70 Things to do Before you have Children. The list was amazing--filled with remarkable outdoor endeavors, lofty goals and of course beautiful travel destinations. I've been on cruises and short road trips but to actually travel and expereience cultures I've only read about in school would complete a part of me.

...to value friendship. I haven't even 'celebrated' my 10 year high school reunion yet and I look back to the friends I had when I was a teenager and I wish that I would have appreciated them more in my life. I only keep in contact with two friends from high school (on a daily basis) and wonder what everyone else is doing these days. My heart only hopes that I did not mistreat anyone or push them away out of my selfishness.

...how fast time flies (and not just when you are having fun!). I can't believe I'm already finished with college and in my 20s. haha!! When I was younger, I thought these days would never come and that I couldn't get out of the house fast enough!! These days, I'm learning to treasure the day-by-day and not so much what's to come...patience is a virtue...right???

...to be best friends with my siblings. My brother, Tim, is 20 now and my sister, Katie, is 17. Although I feel we are growing closer, I dread the day my sister leaves to go to college at Southern California next year. She recieved a soccer scholarship and will be moving across the country to live her life. We have never been very close (as we are six years apart) and have never had the same interests to talk about over coffee. I fear that she will leave--grow into a person that is not familiar to me anymore and never come back home.

...to be less stubborn. A trait that I can honestly say came from my dad's side is that I am adament when it comes to what I believe in. Although there have been few to change my mind...I'm sure it was not an easy task for them to endure!!! I am very opinionated when it comes to morals, ethics, politics, religion, and equality.

Although this list is rather long, I can honestly say that there have been plenty of people who have told me things that I cherish and took to heart. Here are a few (this is for my mom...so she doesn't think she was a failure...)

I'm glad someone told me:
  • to love and trust the Lord.
  • to wash my hands and keep my fingers out of my mouth!
  • not to get involved in drugs.
  • hold my head high and shoulders back when I walk in a room.
  • to trust my "gut"
  • not to get married young
  • to be presentable
  • to always wear cute underwear and matching socks...you never know...:)
  • the way to a man's heart is through his stomach
  • defying temptation builds character
  • to ask before making assumptions
  • not to keep track records of negative things others have done
  • to always be aware of my surroundings

Thank you...

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Mama's Losin' It said...

I love your list! So thoughtful. And I love the way you back it up with a list of things you're GLAD someone told you. I love it. Great post. :)


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