Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Not...

After reading a few blogs, I have noticed that alot of people list what they "are." So I wanted to take this time to tell you what "I'm not..." This might be amusing...here I go!

I'm Not...

1. Financially Stable: It has taken me years to realize how important money is...I know that sounds ridiculous but it's true. In college I worked at Express and would blow the majority of my paychecks on the hottest and newest clothes. I ran up my credit cards and filled my (extremley small) closet with the cutest clothes (oh the days...!!). Well, needless to say I am in debt and have sold most of those clothes to consignment shops to put gas in my car!! Ironic...

2. Athletic: I was very athletic in high school when I played basketball and cheered. I was always doing something active...but these days...I leave it up to my sister!! :) She got all those genes!!

3. Married: Unlike most of my friends from high school and college, I have chosen to enjoy the single life while it's still 'acceptable.' However...I don't intend to remain in the single life forever. My main purpose is to prevent me from looking back at my life and regreting that I missed out on anything. I feel that God will open that door when it is good and ready!

4. A mother: Hallelujah to that! Don't get me wrong...I adore children...just not ready for my own yet. I feel that when #3 and #4 connect (accordingly...) it will be wonderful! I look forward to that time in my life.

5. Into drugs: My dad was always a police office while I was in school and I am grateful! Although I have morals and I was raised not to get involved in that lifestyle, there was still temptation and the original comment "...everyone else is doing it..." No they're not!!! I was terrified that my dad would smell that stuff and notice a change in me if I did it once...and if you know my dad...you would not cross him if you could help it :) Now that I am older and (for the most part) out of that stage of life, I am so proud to say that I have never dabbled in drugs!

6. Boring: I have a very strong sense of humor! Despite the curve balls life can (and has) thrown at me, I try to find humor--and sarcasm--in most situations. I love to laugh and be surrounded by not-so-serious people.

7. Messy: My job has created a monster!! I have to keep everything organized and written down to make sure there are no loose ends. At the end of a long work day, I still find myself coming home to clean. I have to make my bed everyday (even if its in the afternoon)...I love climbing into a bed that is made. I vacuum, wash dishes, wash clothes, wipe down counters, and organize almost everyday...a little excessive!!

8. A tom-boy: Dressing nice and doing my make-up is a daily routine in my life. Very rarely will you find me in sweat pants with no make-up...but BEWARE if you do!! High-heeled shoes, lip gloss and purses are a few of my best friends!! Me and my mom are always exchanging the newest trends and asking for eachothers opinions about outfits...another benefit of having a cool mom!! :)

9. A vegetarian: No way in a million years would I ever give up meat!! I love chicken, burgers, pork and learning to enjoy fish. Most people who are vegetarians (or vegans) believe that we are cruel for eating animals...I think God put animals here for us to eat. Now...I don't necessarily agree with hunting for sport. Should you find it absolutely necessary to hunt, it needs to be for food..not to kill and leave for the flies!! That's sad :(

10. Dependent: Hopefully, if you were to ask most people that have known me for a while how they would describe me, they would say I am independent. As soon as I started college when I was 18, I have only moved back home for a few months. Those few months were only during a transition...FYI!! I have always had a job and worked the entire time I was in college. Although my parents have helped me (probably more than they should have) I haven't completely depended on them in a long time.

It is almost impossible to define what you "are Not" without telling what you "are." Try it!

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